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Our Architectural Services Include Flawless Additions

Some of our customers, especially those with a growing family, find that the amount of interior space in their house is no longer enough to meet their needs. Griffon Design L.L.C. provides our experienced architectural services to people that desire creative solutions to their limited space by designing a new addition to their home. Typically, our clients want to incorporate additional rooms into their current building layout, but we can also design any exterior structures for their property as well, the perfect patio or gazebo. The key to successful addition projects is to ensure that the new designs match the style and character of your current structure so that everything looks as though it was built at the same time and by the same person.

Get Additional Space for Your Current Home

Our architecture company will send a designer out to meet with you and discuss the requirements for your project and then we will assess your property and the surrounding terrain for inspiration. Once we survey your home, we will create an existing floor plan to understand the scope, space, and flow. From these plans, we can then develop additional creative space. We will also develop a budgetary plan with all of the necessary details about the structural support and building materials required for your contractor to begin construction on your new additions. Contact us in Silver Cliff, Colorado, to schedule a free consultation regarding your renovation or addition project or to inquire about our company and any of the design services we provide.

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