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Architectural Design and Drafting Services Without Equal

If you have recently purchased a tract of undeveloped real estate and need to take the next step in the process of building your dream home, then our architectural design & drafting services are the perfect solution. It is incredibly important to choose an architectural designer with the extensive knowledge and experience needed to take every aspect of the topography and surrounding terrain into account when they develop your ideas. Whether your property is completely flat, uneven and rocky, or anything in between, Griffon Design L.L.C. wants to help you with the design and drafting work needed for your ideal home. We want to ensure that nothing is left out of the layout of your new house, so we strive to discover the most creative solutions possible for the civil, architectural, structural, (MPE) mechanical, plumbing & electrical elements that are necessary for buildings longevity and durability.

Let Our Design Experts Bring Your Ideas to Life

That's why we always meet with you initially to discuss your project and the ideas and goals that you have for it. Once everything has been completed and you're ready to move into your new home, we want you to be completely satisfied with our services and the design layout that set the groundwork. Some clients provide us with a sketch or diagram of how they want their building set up, while others just tell us about the important details and requirements for the project, such as the square footage, how many different rooms to include, or their preferred architectural style, whether Victorian, contemporary-modern, southwestern, or any other form they desire. There are also many other factors that need to be taken into account before work can begin on the design process, such as discovering problematic terrain features that could hinder construction, the regional climate in the area, and even small details like which way the sun rises and sets or which direction offers the best views and scenery.

Beach Residence conceptual model, Westcliffe, Colorado.

We're Passionate and Honest About the Work We Do

Our architectural designer from Silver Cliff, Colorado, will take the time to check out and detail as much information as possible about your location, no matter how inconsequential it may seem. We do all of this extensive research for our clients because we understand how important it is to provide a detailed and concise design plan for your contractor to avoid potential delays after the construction process has begun. After we gather and incorporate all of this information into the layout of your new home, we estimate the potential budget for the entire project that includes all of the necessary structural elements and building materials for its completion. We are extremely proud of our services and the accuracy provided in all of our work and know that you will be pleased with the results of your new design, renovation, or addition.

Suarez Residence, Las Cruces, New Mexico.