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Experienced Architectural Designers for Your Next Project

Griffon Design L.L.C. offers experienced drafting services for any renovations or additions that our customers need. Our goal is to provide all of the benefits that come with designing a new architectural layout for anyone who would rather design and implement those ideas into their current structure instead. The key aspect of any renovation project is to alter the form and function of your existing building in a way that will make it completely your own and will transform it into the perfect home for you and your family. If you're already satisfied with the location of your property and the environment around it, you may still want to utilize your interior space in different and better ways. We will assign an architectural designer to come out and interview you about the goals and ideas you would like incorporated into your project, as well as to survey your existing site. Our expert will use this information to determine the best course of action for developing a new layout, based on details like the surrounding terrain and the current design of your house.

Timberline Mountain Home, conceptual model.

Transform Your House Into the Home of Your Dreams

After researching everything we can about your location, we will get to work on architectural drawings that will bring your renovation ideas to life. We will develop construction documents you need regarding the projected budget, important architectural, structural elements, and necessary building components that will allow your contractor to begin construction immediately. Whether you are working with a small budget or large budget into your renovation project, our amazing team in Silver Cliff, Colorado, has the knowledge and experience to take your renovation goals to the next level. Our attention to details, exceptional customer service, and our communication skills are just a few of the reasons that we have been so successful in this industry for over 20 years. Architectural design is more than just a career to us; it is our life, our craft, and our passion.